Product Overview

Kaba-steel fibers

Fibres only in small quantities and without static calculations.

Kaba-steel fibers


steel fibers – and fine steel fibers

steel fibers – and fine steel fibers are produced from high quality stainless steel, carbon steel wire and galvanized wire. The use of these fiber offers many advantages compared to the conventional reinforcement. application areas

  • Guarantee of bending fixture against “zero concrete”
  • Significant reduction of consumption and Chill crack addiction
  • No drop in the pipe density
  • Improvement of the edge protector
  • Low workload in processing
  • Easy mixing on site
  • Guaranteed no steel fiber balling
  • Easy pump and installing with the Estrichpumpe
  • No reinforcement errors
  • No problems with the post-treatment (Hartstoffeinstreuung, smoothness work)
  • Flexible planning and execution