application areas

Our product applications are as diverse as our customers’ wishes

We manufacture steel wool and steel wool in each commercial presentation (rolls) to the special design (needled for mufflers, sound insulation, furnaces etc.).

As varied as our products are as diverse our customers. From small to large customers, each is individually catered for.

Pure steel wool or stainless steel wool are natural products and therefore environmentally friendly, eco-friendly sustainable resources.

These can withstand extreme conditions, such as Heat, moisture, Temperature fluctuations. That makes our product interesting for many impact areas.

Karl Baumann GmbH Waldprechtsweier Steel Whole application areas

stainless steel wool

  • Automotive Industry
  • soundproofing
  • Block house builder (Tick Protection)
  • furnace construction

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karl baumann gmbh waldprechtsweier application areas steewhole

steel wool

  • laundry supplies
  • furniture industry
  • construction industry
  • Cleaning Appliances

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Karl Baumann GmbH Waldprechtsweier Steel Whole application areas

steel fibers

  • Industrial floors, road and floor panels
  • SFRC in housing
  • Tunnelling
  • Precast construction
  • Underwater concrete
  • Building repair and reinforcement component

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